Homeschooling Methods – With Home Education, One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Put away the chalkboard, desks and workbooks! Home education does not have to resemble traditional classroom education. When teaching at home, look for a method that fits your goals and your children’s learning styles. Here are descriptions of the most

How To Start Homeschooling?

Choosing to homeschool your child is not an easy decision. There are many considerations to keep mind when deciding to go the homeschool route. So how do you get started after you have made the decision to go homeschooling? Here

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An application essay is asked for when you are going through the admission process to get into most colleges and universities. Writing your essay can be much easier if you know what kind of questions may be asked of you.

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The True Value of Twelve Years of Free Public Education: A Fortune Geatly Devalued – Education essay

As it currently stands in the second decade of the 21st Century, most of the adolescent and preadolescent boys and girls attending public schools in the United States sadly don’t grasp the meaningful value of the 12 years of free

Essay Editing Service – Education essay

The presence of a quality essay editing service can be a godsend to students who have composed an essay for college or publication. All through their academic life, students are required to write and present essays of varying length, for

NYU Stern School of Business MBA Essay Tips – Education essay

As the NYU Stern MBA website states, “we seek students with strong intellectual ability and superior interpersonal skills (IQ + EQ)” The individual components of your application will be academic ability, professional achievements and career aspirations, and personal characteristics. While